Yecid Sanmartin - Senior Product Designer

“Alexa, Send to Phone”

Example Send to Phone use case for gathering flight details.


Send to Phone


Interaction Design, UX, Conversation Design (VUI)


July 2020 – Jan 2021

Released Q4 2021

Customer Problem: On Echo devices, tasks can sometimes be inefficient or impossible for customers to complete by voice only. Plus, content is not available for customers to take with them on-the-go. (eg. continue listening to a podcast, opening up a recipe you saw at home while at at the store).

Design Solution: Alexa capability to offer and send deep linked content to customers mobile phone.

– Description

When I joined the project, the program was still searching for an identity, and lacking a clear program definition. Initial set of work identified top customer use cases for sending content from an Alexa smart speaker to mobile device. These use cases were tested with customers and validated through moderated user studies. I defined core interaction models and patterns enabling internal and third party developers to quickly add the send to phone capability to their Alexa skill experience with minimal investment.

I developed a north star design direction while navigating severe technical constraints to define MLP delivery. Rapid iteration and research findings informed scope and help simplify business requirements. Closely collaborated with engineers to design a scalable Voice flow with dynamic slots for developer integration. This framework allowed third parties to provide a great customer experience and significantly simplified implementation. Voice slot values worked dynamically across Voice flow and UI (eg. VUI: “Sending [todays top stories] to your phone” → GUI: Push Notification title “[Todays Top Stories]”. The accompanying UI experience on the mobile app included a home activity card with custom logic based on person in household. Achieved leadership, design, product, and engineering alignment on program definition and MLP delivery. Shipped Q4 2021.